Fortunate Buddha Slots

The culture of Asia is incredibly old...older than most other people in the world. And over the years, there have been a lot of colors and design that brings that ancient culture to life. See it come to life with Fortunate Buddha Slots, a slots game dedicated to Asian culture, art and symbols of luck that dates back thousands of years.

An Ancient World

The design of this game is absolutely beautiful. The background of the game is full of soft colors in shades of pink and blue, with beautiful growing plants and a blue sky stand out behind the game. It's a beautiful scene and it's just the beginning.

Watching the Reels

The colors and designs on the reels beautifully match the background of the game. The layout is pretty easy to understand: five reels, three rows. This is where symbols like golden frogs, gade turtles, pink lotus blossoms, bags of gold coins and of course, golden Buddha statues appear. The background of the reels is dark red and all the bright colors really pop to create an incredible design.

Playing the Game

There are 50 pay lines on this game board, so there are literally dozens of ways to win with every spin of the reels. You can always get lucky and line up matching symbols to get a big win, but why stop there? Fortunate Buddha Slots has found a few other ways to help you win big: jackpots. As you play, you'll increase your chances of winning a jackpot. Hit the big jackpot, and it just might be something that changes your life.


There are multiple jackpots you might hit while laying this slots game. Two of these jackpots are static. The mini jackpot awards $10, and the minor jackpot gives you $20. You are guaranteed to win this much money if you hit either of these two jackpots.

But if you hit a major, grand or super grand jackpot, you will win even more. All these jackpots are progressive, which means the money you could win just gets bigger and bigger. The super grand jackpot could ward you $10,000 or more. That's right: $10,000 or more! That is money that really could change your life.

Where You Can Play Fortunate Buddha Slots

You will find Fortunate Buddha Slots in many places. Lots of online casinos have popular slots games like Foruntate Buddha, titles that continuously see players. Look for this slots game online and you will soon find yourself being swept up by ancient Asian culture, artwork and luck.