Great Temple Slots

Egypt is famous for having pyramids, but this wasn't the only place in the ancient world where grand temples were built to honor kings and gods. On the other side of the world in South America, mysterious and magnificent temples were built in the jungle. Great Temple Slots honors those mysterious jungle pyramids, which legend says were places of grand treasure and riches.

In the Jungle

Lush, gorgeous tropical greens and blues fill up the screen when you're playing this game. The background shows rich, vibrant jungle plants. In the background sits one of the ornate temples, those places of ancient mystery and wonder.

Spinning Around

This game has a truly classic look, with five reels and three rows just waiting for you to make them spin around. Once you do make the reels spin, you will see various images associated with the jungle. That means beautiful exotic parrots, highly decorative masks and even some dangerous jungle creatures, like slithering snakes and big cats.

Playing Great Temple Slots

This is a beautiful, action-packed slots game that offers players a lot of winning chances. There are 25 pay lines, which gives you more than two dozen different ways to line up symbols on the board for a win. But in addition to this, you can also potentially win two different jackpots. There's a minor jackpot and a major jackpot, both of which are progressive and either of which you could win at any moment. Just play the game to get your chance to hit a jackpot.

Inside the Great Temple

The theme of this word is the ancient civilizations that lived in the jungles of South America, people who are still highly mysterious to historians to this day. It is known that they had a lot of gold. Some of the temples built in those jungle areas actually sparkled in the sun because they had gold embellishments on them. Gold is exactly what you want, too, and it's at the heart of the theme of Great Temple Slots.

Finding Great Temple Slots

Lucky for people who like to gamble, it's much easier to find Gret Temple Slots than it is to find those ancient treasures of South America. Actually, explorers and treasure hunters still go in search of lost gold and lost riches from this time period in history. And maybe they will find gold, but you can definitely try to earn gold in a way that's a whole lot easier with Great Temple Slots. Look for it everywhere at online casinos to find this game and start your treasure hunt.