Plentiful Treasure Slots

RTG's Plentiful Treasure's theme isn't focused on much other than gold, riches, treasure, and an overall feeling of abundant wealth. The visual style features Far East elements, which adds spice to the game's already luxurious atmosphere. Plentiful Treasure is one of the many Asian-look-associated Real Time Gaming slots that stand out not just through their specific and memorable appearance but also their multi-layered gameplay. The developer has created more than 200 great games that are entirely mobile-friendly and are available for download and on Instant Play. Examples of the popular online casinos that can offer Plentiful Treasure and the rest of the provider's slots are Intertops Casino, Cherry Jackpot, and Roaring 21. Additionally, players visiting online sites with an Instant Play option might get the opportunity to activate a demo version of the game. Using the demo version is possible by activating the Flash-based software on the browser. The practice version is quite comfortable since it doesn't work with real money wagers, so both registered players and those without an account will be able to study the gameplay of their chosen game as much as they want without worrying about losing money in the process.

An Overwhelmingly Beautiful Main Screen Covered with Shiny Gold

The most spectacular elements of the main screen are in or on the reel frame. The background imagery is a red canvas with exquisite, intricate figures drawn over it in various shades of silky red. Just below the reels are two gorgeous shapes that resemble clouds. To the left and the right of the reels, there are numerous raindrops seemingly turned upside down. It is a designing choice that is as perplexing as it is unforgettable and fascinating. The reels themselves steal the show as far as the game's appearance is concerned. Almost everything in sight is made of glistening gold – the reels' frame, the main options buttons, and even the special additional reel connected to the game's bonus feature. There is a violet bag at the top of the reels, which is both surrounded by golden jewelry and filled with even more. Gold is also a prevalent element of the symbols' looks. Many of them remind players of the game's devotion to Far-East imagery.

Profit from Generous Golden Symbols and the Jackpot Prizes They Bring

Plentiful Treasure has five reels with three symbol positions in each reel. Two hundred forty-three pay lines can present players with winning combinations. The biggest win that can be acquired after a single spin is 50 000 times the bet. Four jackpots can be awarded throughout the game – Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini. The good news is that these jackpots are not awarded randomly after the end of a spin. Awarding a jackpot happens through the Gold Coin bonus feature and getting matching symbols. Certain symbols from the paytable have golden versions, and they are the golden symbols visible in what seems to be a separate reel on the main screen. These golden symbols will be bringing bigger prizes.

Profitable and Beautiful Items Will Be Delivering Massive Winning Combination Prizes

The game's paytable is ridiculously massive. Players can count on 16 symbols to deliver payouts through winning combinations, including the golden symbols. All of the symbols have three winning combinations – 3, 4, and 5 matching symbols. The game's scatter is the only symbol that doesn't pay with fixed payouts. Instead, it awards multipliers increasing the total bet – 5, 10, and 50 times. The little pedestal with the dragon offers 5, 10, and 30 credits, and its golden version brings 68, 128, and 680 credits. The green object with the tiny sapphire and its gilded copy award 5, 10, 30 credits and 38, 88, and 380, respectively. The two teapots – the regular dark-red one and the golden one grant 5, 10, and 20 credits and 28, 68, and 280 credits. The bronze ring with the blue crystal and the golden ring's prizes are 5, 10, 20 credits and 18, 38, and 180 credits. The one golden symbol without a regular version of itself is the golden necklace-like thread, which has gilded metal circles on it, and it gives 8, 28, and 128 credits. The remaining six symbols are just the familiar card ones. "A", "K" and "Q" provide players with 5, 8, and 15 credits, and so do the "J", "10" and "9" symbols.

Two Extremely Powerful Wilds and Generous Free Spins

The game has two wilds, and it doesn't matter that they do not offer prizes through winning combinations because their extraordinary effects certainly compensate for it. The regular wild has a visually striking icon with a symbol in the middle that is surrounded by complex blue, gold, and red imagery. It can only show up on the second, third, and fourth reel and replace most of the other symbols. The Pearl can't be replaced; it is the game's second wild and can only show up on reel three and replace the other symbols except for the first wild and the scatter. Despite its restricted appearance, the presence of the Pearl and its ability to complete winning combinations can multiply the resulting prizes up to five times. The game's Free Spins feature begins when at least 3 of the Vase Scatter symbol show up on the reels. Eight free spins will be awarded. During the free spins, the lowest paying card symbols will not be appearing. The free spins are played with the bet placed during the spin when the triggering combination landed. If the necessary triple scatter combination appears again, the spins will be restarted.

Acquiring Four Jackpots Through Special Symbols

The Gold Coin Feature can lead to the collection of the Jackpot prizes. Their amounts can be observed on the main screen. Once the bonus game is activated, 12 gold coins will make an appearance. Pressing each of the coins will reveal one of four Gods. Every God stands for one jackpot. When three of the same God symbols are unveiled, the jackpot associated with that symbol will be awarded. The golden symbols on the reels make several improvements in favor of the player – the total bet, the Pearl multiplier, and the number of currently available jackpot prizes are all increased. Players can upgrade regular symbols to become golden. To do so, they need to click on their chosen symbol on the additional reel positioned to the left of the reels. A Jackpot can also be awarded when a regular wild shows up on the reels. If more than a single Jackpot is available simultaneously, the Gold Coin feature will determine the outcome. When one golden symbol is present, the Pearl Multiplier is non-existent, and no jackpots are available. The presence of two golden symbols guarantees a doubling multiplier and the availability of the Mini jackpot. Three golden symbols will lead to a tripling multiplier and the ability to get both the Mini and Minor jackpots. When four Golden Symbols are present on the reels, the multiplier value of the Pearl becomes four times, and three jackpots become available – the Major, Minor, and Mini ones. Five Golden symbols on the reels allow for a multiplier of five times and the ability to get all four jackpots, including the Grand one.